Buying a Home

Great schools, good city services, nice parks and playground facilities, convenient shopping and transportation, a track record of sound development and good planning—these are just a few considerations that are important to many people when they choose a community in which to live.

No one knows the people and the communities they serve better than local real estate agents. It’s their jobs to know the in’s and out’s of communities and the home-buying or home-selling process.

Even before talking with an agent, you can take advantage of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and many real estate broker websites. They have up to 90% or more of the homes listed in any given community, which makes it relatively easy for buyers to access detailed information on homes for sale practically anywhere in the country.

Selling Your Home

Want the secret of selling your house for the absolute highest price the market will pay? It’s balancing finances and emotions, so you get real value and a successful transaction.

For many, selling a home entails a mixture of sadness, fear, relief, excitement and apprehension. These emotions conjure up many questions: Are we doing the right thing? Is now the right time? What about the kids and their friends? Can we really afford this? Will the house sell before we move?

We can answer all questions about selling your home -- including how much it’s worth.

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